Clearance activity

The company successfully held the 2022 and 2023 first quarter performance presentation

On May 30, the company actively participated in the "Better Life Theme Week" of the performance presentation of the Shanghai Main Board of the 2022 Annual Report, and successfully held the performance presentation of the year 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 on the Shanghai Roadshow platform by means of video + text interaction。Company Party secretary, chairman Wang Liqiang, independent director Mu Yihui, Party committee member, deputy general manager Zhang Yanbing, financial director Hu Xiaolai attended the presentation。

This is the second presentation after the company participated in the "2023 Collective Reception Day of listed companies in Shaanxi Province and 2022 annual Performance Presentation" on May 16 this year。At the special presentation meeting, the company showed the new progress of business development, new measures for management improvement, and new trends in strategic layout to the majority of investors in the form of cloud visits in the past year, and communicated with investors on the company's development strategy, operating performance, transformation planning and other matters in the form of network interaction。In the process of friendly communication, the participants truly felt the deep concern and enthusiasm of the majority of investors for the company, and strengthened the determination and confidence of the company to forge ahead and overcome difficulties to promote high-quality development。

In the future, the company will continue to maintain communication with investors through investor hotline, fax, email, website message board, SSE Interactive, Panorama interactive platform and other means, sincerely respond to investors' concerns, and work with investors to create a better future。

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