Clearance activity

The company held a semi-annual performance presentation in 2023

On September 21, the company held the 2023 semi-annual performance presentation through the Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai Roadshow Platform in an interactive way。The company's deputy Party secretary, vice chairman, general manager Han Pu, independent director Wang Xiaopeng, Party committee member, deputy general manager Zhang Yanbing, financial director Hu Xiaolai attended the presentation。

At the meeting, investors paid great attention to the company's transformation and development, business prospects, competitive advantages, financial status and the integration of radio and television networks。The participants responded patiently and carefully。In the process of communication and exchange, the majority of investors expressed their deep concern and ardent expectations for the company, and further strengthened the company's determination and confidence in overcoming difficulties and high-quality development。

In the future, the Company will continue to maintain communication with investors through investor hotline, fax, email, website message board, SSE Interactive, Panorama interactive platform and other means, timely response to the concerns of the market and investors, and enhance communication with investors。

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